High Moon

So it turns out installing OS 10.10 Yosemite was a bad idea. As I said on Facebook, it feels like someone walked into my office, took away my pen and said I couldn’t use it anymore unless I bought the more expensive version.

“But it’s a perfectly good pen.” I would say “It’s still half full of ink and I was in the middle of using it!”

“Too bad!” they would say “This one’s better, and you haven’t bought a pen in a few months.” 

“I don’t have time in my life to write any more than I already do.”  

“Then you should stop sleeping. We need the money.”

“But I was saving that money to buy a pencil.”


On the suggestion of my friends Scott and Tucker I downloaded some image editing software that — dare I say it — wasn’t PhotoShop. So I can now post an image of the painting I sold at a group show that I couldn’t post on the proud day I sold it

High Moon, 15×18″ acrylic on wood

High Moon, 15×18″ acrylic on wood

Ha! Take that Adobe and Apple!

Don’t get me wrong PhotoShop is still my favorite video game but affording to pay for it every month presents challenges that I haven’t come to terms with yet. Eventually I’ll probably join the Adobe Club as I still have access to the software, just not on the machine I blog from. For now GIMP will have to do.

Now I just have to edit the photos I took painting the picture above so I can create a post on that.