Assembly of The Force of Tides

For my latest project, I constructed an experimental shadow box piece. I made the box out of aspen, in two sections — an inner box and an outer frame. I cut some crackable acrylic skin I had prepared some time ago to size to fit in the box and used a ruling pen and adjustable curve to create “loran-esque” lines.

I then penned in star names.

I created two small focus paintings in blue — one for in back of the background and one for the foreground.

I constructed some floating bits and checked it for composition.

Then came the crackling and a dirty wash of iron yellow and ivory black.

I created an acrylic skin window, behind which I placed my extra-terrestrial’s portrait.

I then layered in the the star chart background and highlighted the edges in red.

The foreground seascape was adhered into place.

Then the floating items were pegged into place with copper upholstery tacks.

Focusing on the outer frame I airbrushed gold over a wet layer of Golden Crackle Medium.

Once dry (and less crackled than I had hoped) I forged ahead, varnished and installed the plexi and frame.

The Force of Tides, acrylic on wood, 18×7″